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Nebojša Simin was born in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro), in 1948. He has been living in Novi Sad (Serbia and Montenegro) since 1949, where he graduated from the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physics. His first employment was in the Provincial Committee for Energetic and Raw materials (1976 - 1984), where in 1979 he and Veljko Milković started cooperating on the project of passive solar systems. In that period he published several works on unconventional energy sources, recycling of used raw materials and possibilities of nuclear energy utilisation. After that, he worked for six years in the Centre for Comparison of Technological and Social Progress - CECOS in Novi Sad (1984-1990). During that period he participated in the organisation and making of several interdisciplinary studies in the field of technical and social progress.

After the centre was closed in mid-90's, he started working as a professor in Technical high school "Pavle Simić" in Novi Sad. His first book of haiku poetry, "Songs About You" ("Pesme o tebi"), was published the same year (1990). In the last decade of the twentieth century, more of his books were published, including the book of essays about haiku poetry: "Haiku - a playful poem" ("Haiku - nestašna pesma") (2000). He also edited a haiku book on torn down bridges, in four languages: "The third river bank" ("Treća obala reke") (2000). He also edited two anthologies of poems written by the members of the haiku club "Aleksandar Nejgebauer" in Novi Sad (1996, 1998). He is also a co-author of other books of haiku poetry. He edited and published a magazine called "Haiku letter" from 1995-2000. His poems are published in several world anthologies of haiku poetry.

Nebojša Simin is a member of haiku club "Aleksandar Nejgebauer" in Novi Sad and a member of the Writers' Guild of Vojvodina.