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Verba volant scripta manent - Latin proverb

So far, Veljko Milkovic has published the following books, brochures and other publications:

• "Solarne zemunice - dom budućnosti"
("Solar sod houses - the house of the future"), (1983)
 "Ekološke kuće"
("Ecological houses"), (1991 - printed in four unedited editions)
• "Šume za proizvodnju hrane - zamena za njive"
("Forests for food production"), (1992 - translated into Esperanto the same year)
• "Ka antigravitaciji - kompaktna vozila"
("Towards anti-gravitation - compact vehicles"), (1994)
• "Antigravitacioni motor / Anti-gravity motor"
("Anti-gravity motor"), (1996 - with translation into English)
• "Perpetuum mobile"
("Perpetuum mobile"), (2001)
• "Petrovaradin kroz legendu i stvarnost"
("Petrovaradin through legend and reality"), (2001)
• "Petrovaradin i Srem - misterija prošlosti"
("Petrovaradin and Srem - mystery of the past"), (2003)
• "Svet misterija - novi pogledi"
("The world of mysteries - new views"), (2004)
• "Petrovaradinska tvrđava - podzemlje i nadzemlje"
("Petrovaradin fortress - over and underground"), (2005)
• "Novi turistički potencijali"
("New tourist potentials"), (2006)
• "Petrovaradinska tvrđava - kosmički lavirint otkrića"
("Petrovaradin fortress - cosmis labyrinth of discoveries"), (2007)
• "Gravitacione mašine - od Leonarda da Vinčija do najnovijih otkrića"
"Gravitational Machines - From Leonardo da Vinci to the Latest Discoveries", (2013 - in English & Serbian)
• "Kako sam pobedio hemoroide" ("How I Beat Hemorrhoids") (2015)
• "Energetska prekretnica ili apokalipsa" ("Energy Turning-Point or Apocalypse") (2016)
• "Panonska Atlantida" ("Panonian Atlantis") (2020)
• "Reflective Panels for Solar Air Conditioning and Health-Safe Housing" (2020 - in English & Serbian)
• "Energy of Oscillations: from an Idea to the Realization" (2020 - in English & Serbian)

VEMIRC publications:

• "The World of Pendulum Power" (2011)
• "Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines" (2011)
• "Osnovni principi over juniti elektromagnetnih mašina" [Serbian edition of] ("Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines") (2012)
• "Nauka o slobodnoj energiji" ("The Science of Free Energy") (2018)
• "Genetika Stare i Nove Evrope - poreklo naroda jugoistočne Evrope" ("Genetics of Old and New Europe - the Origin of Peoples of Southeast Europe") (2018)

Veljko Milković also published well-received feiulltones and notes:

 "Niskoenergetski život"
("Low-energy life"), (1996),
• "Energetski potencijal rečnog zaliva"
("Energetic potential of the river bay"), (1996),
 "Prethodna civilizacija"
("Previous civilisation"), (1999),
• "Misterije Petrovaradinske tvrđave"
("Mysteries of Petrovaradin fortress"), (1999),
• "Petrovaradinska tvrđava između legende i stvarnosti"
("Petrovaradin fortress between legend and reality"), (1999) and
• "Nestale civilizacije"
("Missing civilisations"), (2000).


His book have been accepted both in domestic and foreign prestigious libraries, such as the Library of Congress, Washington DC and his publications can be found in the British Library in London, Moscow Library and Library of Alexandria. His publication have also been quoted in many Internet encyclopaedias and other sources.

Italian association "A.S.S.E. - Associazione Studiosi Scienze Eterodosse" ( and publisher of "Altra Scienza" magazine translated Veljko Milković's book "Anti-gravity motor" into Italian language and published it in ebook format in 2007.

Books which are not sold can be found with the author or by online order (click the online order links under the description of available books).

Also, for all information on these publications, contact the author Veljko Milkovic.


  (in Serbian language)


A book about new ecological types of housing objects completely in tune with nature...


Note: See book with the same topic "Ecological houses"


2.  "EKOLOŠKE KUĆE" ("ECOLOGICAL HOUSES") (1991 - printed in four unedited editions)

  (in Serbian language)


The main idea in making this book is life and work in tune with nature, mainly with the goal of preservation and prevention of disturbing the balance. Since there are natural laws and limitations which must not be exceeded, and to which a man kind is approaching with great speed, it is necessary that we protect the nature and remove not only the consequences but also the reasons which lead the situation on Earth to the alarming state.

One of the main reasons which lead to this situation is the way we live and places where we live, which must be radically changed. With that in mind, this book shows ecological, housing, agricultural and other objects "protected" with soil. These individual object and settlements are numerous all over the world, especially in developed industrial countries such USA, where this construction method is frequent.


- 60 pages
- 53 illustrations
- 19x11cm
- soft covers
- black-white print
- language: Serbian

Publisher: TIM-NT '90, 1991



  (in Serbian language)


(translated into Esperanto the same year)

Description of the project "Forest for food production"...

"ARBAROJ POR PRODUKTADO DE NUTRAJOJ - anstatauoj por plugkampoj" (1992)

    (in Esperanto language)



- 16 pages
- 16x11,5cm
- soft covers
- black and white print
- language: Esperanto

Publisher: Esperanto-societo "Marko Nesic", 1992

PRICE: 1 € postage excluded

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(in Serbian language)


  Booklet about anti-gravitation and a new type of vehicle...


Note: see the book with the same topic "Anti-gravity motor"



(in English and Serbian language)

Anti-Gravity Motor /
Anti-gravitacioni motor


Several years of research on the idea of movement of vehicles without an intermediary mechanism (transmission) resulted in this extraordinary book. In a slightly unconventional manner, Milković explains the new drive and events which preceded its making.

Having in mind some provocative statements in the book, one could expect even extreme reactions, but anyone should be free to express his/her opinion, especially if they are benevolent. The road from an idea to application is a long one, but initial effects in starting experiments are very convincing, same as initial effects of invention which found widespread use in everyday life.

The most valuable experiment result is that isolated forces created one-way movement of the model without intermediate mechanism. This is a supplement and confirmation of the law of action and reaction (3rd Newton Law), which was not revised since establishment.

Special value to the book and the antigravitational motor give the energetical and ecological aspect, which was the case earlier as well, where the inventor is searching for the solution that will replace the polluters.

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- 60 pages
- 38 illustrations
- 19x11cm
- soft covers
- black and white print
- language: English and Serbian

Publisher: VRELO, 1996

PRICE: 5.65$ (4.29 €)
shipping excluded

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(in Serbian language)

(translation of main terms and the conclusion to English)

This book is about two inventions. The first one is so-called "eternal motor", usually known as perpetuum mobile, and the other one is inertial power-generating motor, i.e. antigravitational motor. Both inventions are based on inertial forces. The book contains ten inventions, representing different ways of exploiting inertial forces. Veljko Milković is the author of the first nine inventions and Nebojša Simin of the last, tenth one.


- 143 pages
- 26 illustrations
- 20x13cm
- soft covers
- black and white print
- language: Serbian

Publisher: VRELO, 2001



(in Serbian language)


"Petrovaradin through legends and reality" written by Milkovic came to life after years of writer's exploration of this fascinating construction. The book was written in an entertaining, popular manner, with the goal of attracting the people who love mystery and Petrovaradin fortress.

90 pages of the book, except the introduction, are divided into three chapters: "Between the unknown and reality","The pearls: legends and demystifications", "Petrovaradin fortress as inspiration". There are also some 60 various illustrations (photos, drawings, sketches).

During preparation of the book, comparative, graphic and historical-genetical methods have been used. The author expresses his theories and hypotheses, based on certain documents, with the goal of unveiling controversial and sensation-seeking occurrences connected to Petrovaradin fortress.

"Mysteries of Petrovaradin fortress" are a long-expected, needed book, which fills the void in the present writings on Petrovaradin fortress, which did not deal with the subterranean part.


- 90 pages
- 67 illustrations
- 21x15cm
- soft covers
- black and white print
- language: Serbian

Publisher: VRELO, 2001



(in Serbian language)

(the translation of main terms and drawings to English)

The book "Petrovaradin and Srem - mystery of the past" ("Petrovaradin i Srem - misterija prošlosti") is the continuation of the author's historical and geographical research of Petrovaradin fortress, Srem and central Danube basin

In its own way, easily understandable to any one, Veljko Milković explains the myths and legends from Srem, starting from geological past and human prehistory, through Greek and Roman times, all the way to the Middle Ages and present time.

The book is divided into chapters, with 34 titles on 60 pages about Petrovaradin and Petrovaradin fortress, secrets of the Danube, Srem (Sirmium, Irig, Sremski Karlovci). The book contains over 50 sketches and photos, and literature from 49 other sources was used.

Facing bare historical facts with interesting, sometimes fairytale-like myths and legends, the author demystifies many events.

The book is of an interesting content, and can urge readers who already visited described sites to see them again from nether point of view. It can also prompt readers who still have not visited Petrovaradin fortress, Sremski Karlovci and Fruška Gora to do so.

The book contains numerous details about Fruška Gora massif and old sites from the earliest times to now.

Newly found artefacts provide a better picture about the area which was not explored enough, and proof of past cultural development of Srem and central Danube basin.

The new data are a large contribution and indispensable material in further exploration of the area.


- 72 pages
- 55 illustrations
- 25x16cm
- soft pages
- black and white print
- language: Serbian

Publisher: Društvo za popularizaciju nauke Novi Sad, 2003

  PRICE: 3.99 € postage excluded




(in Serbian language)

There was a surprise - "connections" were found between colossal constructions of world mysteries with central Danube basin and Petrovaradin fortress.

Through different but simple and clear perceptions and with a lot of illustrations, this book takes you on the journey over all continents, from subterranean world to space.

In addition to interesting and entertaining text, the visual approach offers solutions to researchers, artists, hobbyists, businessmen and all other interested parties...

The technique of recognising precious minerals, tools of early men etc.

The way to inaccessible depths - with risk or investment. Specific result and findings from the field, using the new approach to research.

Special focus is on possible solutions for energetical and ecological problems which would lead to improvement of air quality, water supply, healthy food and new sport and recreation.

Pragmatic solutions for decreasing the motives for war, unemployment, which would, otherwise lead to destruction, criminal...


- 151 pages
- 155 pictures and photos
- 23,5 x16,5 cm
- soft covers
- black and white print
- language: Serbian

Publisher: VRELO, 2004

PRICE: 4.99 € postage excluded



(in Serbian language)

New tourist guide to Petrovaradin fortress
and Novi Sad

Mappe - Festung - Neusatz

  (with the translation of main map to German)

New and more realistical tourist guide for domestic and foreign tourists, as well as for Novi Sad inhabitants. Publication adjusted to tourists with new layout and maps...

The idea of this publication is to present the Petrovaradin fortress (1692-1780.) from the most familiar side – Novi Sad quay, and to enumerate the most prominent objects by means of pictures and drawings. This publication stands in stark contrast to previous ones, which usually contained plans and details, enabling the use only to persons already familiar with the fortress However, it was hard to distinguish between certain bastions and buildings even for people with extensive knowledge and writers. This caused confusion in discussions and literature covering the fortress.

With the new, more natural approach, orientation and getting around the fortress and Novi Sad would be much easier, since the basic view is from the ground. A more appropriate guide can help tourists and new generations of people of Novi Sad.

- 24 pages
- 18 pictures and photos
- 21x15cm
- soft covers
- black and white print
- language: Serbian

Publisher: VRELO, 2005


PRICE: 1.99 € postage excluded



(in Serbian language)


An overview of new ideas and tourist suggestions - new tourist potentials...

After years of research and invention work, the author suggests new solutions for a richer tourist offer by means of new and original ideas which will appeal to both domestic and foreign tourists...

- 16 pages
- 17 illustrations and photos
- 21x15cm
- soft covers
- color print
- language: Serbian

Publisher: VRELO, 2006



(in Serbian language)

New book about the newest epochal discoveries on the Petrovaradin fortress

The new book by academician Veljko Milkovic "Petrovaradin fortress - cosmic labyrinth of discoveries" represents the climax of his 50-year long research of the Petrovaradin fortress and its underground. The book presents newly discovered details and facts for the first time, opens new topics, expands previous knowledge about the Petrovaradin fortress and points to possibilities to make the fortress even more attractive for tourists, researchers, adventure seekers etc.
The book provides completely new information and demystifies matters never mentioned in previous literary works. It also discovers new facts from the past and research results together with findings, new evidence, mysterious archeological objects and displays much more attractive than anything presented so far.
The new book, "Petrovaradin fortress - cosmic labyrinth of discoveries" presents the Petrovaradin fortress and describes it as a fortification. It also brings new ideas and discovers the connection between the Petrovaradin fortress and Egyptian pyramids, which puts this fortress among one of the grandest and most mysterious structures...
The author discovers facts which reveal that during the construction military way of thinking was not the only one present and points to unusual and mysterious balls embedded on the escarps of the bulwark and three crosses placed to correspond to southern and northern constellation...
The book is unusual and it offers new details along with the illustrations and photographs - the most attractive of them being secretive and mysterious...
Maps, expert reports, research, enigmas, imagination...
The attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable: conservative with unofficial with the goal of presenting the other side of the story.
The goal of this presentation is to create space for new research work in a popular manner...

- 118 pages
- 131 illustrations photos
- 21x15 cm
- soft covers
- color print
- paper 125 g
- language: Serbian

Publisher: VRELO, 2007

PRICE: 6.99 € postage excluded






From Leonardo da Vinci
to the Latest Discoveries

(in English)


At the time of the Renaissance, the construction of the aircraft Leonardo drew seemed impossible, and yet 400 years later planes and helicopters took off, defying the official scientific position that "objects heavier than air cannot fly".
And 500 years later, we can assert that gravitational machines are possible and that Leonardo's work forms the rock-solid basis, precious for future inventors, scientists and constructors. This perspective allows us to understand what is really "impossible" and what can be achieved!

Almost all the known designs of gravitational machines and magnetic motors can be reduced to the form of a wheel, i.e. rotation as an important factor. According to the official or conservative point of view, all the attempts failed. And still, for centuries the answer to the biggest challenge has always been more or less the same and in the form of the wheel. However, in the last couple of years the experiments have shown that a much higher efficiency can be achieved with the pendulum than with different kinds of wheels, rotors, flywheels, propellers, turbines... Gradually, we are starting to understand that the pendulum can use the inertial forces, gravitation and magnets far more efficiently than the wheel.

The aim of this book is to present as many facts as possible, which will lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel.

- Invaluable Benchmarks of Leonardo da Vinci;
- Superiority of Pendulum Drive;
- In the Beginning There Was Mechanics;
- Nikola Tesla's Gravitational Machine;
- Steam Engine as the Crown of Industrial Revolution or a Hasty and Reckless Choice In Favor of Dirty Technologies;
- Victory Over the Golden Rule of Mechanics;
- Mechanics of Anti-Gravitational Effects;
- Prophecies from Kremna That Have Come True.

- language: English and Serbian
- 376 pages
- 167 illustrations; 135 photos
- 22.7 x 15.2 cm
- paperback
- black and white print
- paper: 80g

Publisher: VEMIRC, 2013

PRICE: 22.50$ (16.58 €) shipping excluded

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A Scientific View into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic Fields

by Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc.

(in English)

Johann W. Goethe said that the biggest secrets were the open ones. You look at them but you do not see them. The same is true with the electromagnetic field. It is known fact that after switching off an electromagnet, its magnetic energy will be returned back to the circuit, usually as a spark. What was missed is the fact that the magnetic energy performed work by attraction of an iron bar and didn't consume itself. This work, minus heat losses inside the circuit, is free energy or over unity energy.

This book is dedicated to all scientists, researchers and enthusiasts, who for the last 150 years were seeking to improve the world by developing electromagnetic machines and who didn't restrain their minds by existing laws of thermodynamics invented by preceding scientists who declared them as universal ones.

The goal of this book is to unlock the secrets of over unity and to teach people what is over unity and how it works. The reader will learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators and how to improve existing patents which use permanent magnets.

- Textbook of general conditions for over unity, asymmetry of action of forces, logic of time and space factors for over unity;
- Proofs that the first two laws of thermodynamics are not universal;
- Usage of electrostatic and magnetic shields;
- Balancing opposing forces of the drag caused by Lenz's law;
- Minimization of the drag caused by mutual attraction of the magnet and iron;
- Usage of electromagnets and the Inductive Spike;
- Why a good over unity generator is a bad over unity motor?

- language: English
- 216 pages
- 82 illustrations; 4 photos
- 23.5 x 16.5 cm
- paperback
- black and white print
- paper: 80g

Publisher: VEMIRC, 2011

PRICE: 22.90$ (16.95 €) shipping excluded

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Books which are not sold can be found with the author or by online order (click the online order links under the description of available books).